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Polyphonic Playground

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Interactive Installation
Inspired by the inherent joy of exploring playgrounds as children, Studio PSK, Reeps One and Fashion Space gallery created an installation which encourages adults to re-discover this experience of play.

The piece utilises custom electronics, programming and music production to produce an interactive musical experience. Aves Creative Tech is responsible for the soundscapes, audio interaction design and implementation of a stable setup wherever the piece is being shown.

Polyphonic Playground has been shown at Art Basel in Miami, Milan Design Week, London Design Festival, House of Vans London, Maintenant Festival France & MAD Museum New York.
Studio PSK.
Reeps One.
Fashion Space Gallery


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Audio Visual
Androdes is a live audio-visual electronic music show, performed against the backdrop of projected CGI visuals.

The live show is performed on a console which integrates custom built VDrums, keyboards, sample pads, IR sensors and plenty of LEDs designed by Aves Creative Tech.